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Glasgow Pioneers Public 3d Models

Glasgow City Council have launched a unique new project - a publicly accessible 3d model that anyone can view.

The project is an Urban Model, a computer generated block model of much of central Glasgow, which the council hope will show the city in a way that it is rarely viewed in. It doesn't yet take in all of the city but this is presumably a work in progress that will grow over time and plenty of well known landmarks are visible right now despite the half finished nature of it.

Amongst the advantages that the project will have is the ability of people to view new developments in the context of the existing city and see the effect that they will have on their surroundings.

This sort of planning tool has been available to architects, developers, and so on for a long time but this is the first time anyone has bothered to make something that is publicly accessible.

One thing that is surprising is the choice of the software. Most people would have thought Google Earth, the wildly successful 3d mapping software of the eponymous software giant, would be the obvious choice for this but instead Glasgow plumped for the little known Terraexplorer Software which although similar to Google Earth is rarely used.

In choosing the Terraexplorer Software however, Glasgow City Council have ensured that the model they have come up with will not be truly publicly accessible, it is simply streamed from a remote server allowing them to protect their data and preventing the public from modifying what they have done.

Still, despite these restrictions it is a step along from what we have right now and an interesting glimpse of how planning tools will be accessible in the future.

You can get the Urban Model here -


Glasgow Urban Model
Glasgow Urban Model
Glasgow Urban Model
Glasgow Urban Model