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The Blocky Point Of The Shoreditch Triangle

Another chapter in the rapid gentrification of Shoreditch looks like going ahead after the local council gave planning approval to what will be a 110 metre tall office/hotel tower located on Shoreditch High Street.

Sited next to the existing Box Park, the building comprises of a 200-room up-scale hotel and 12,000 square metres of commercial space. Designed by Gensler for Highgate Holdings, the building has an industrial look deliberately designed to bring to mind the old warehouses in the area. There is an exposed concrete structure along with black steel framing the glazing although the building is designed to become progressively lighter on each floor.

At the top will be a fully glazed glass box intended to serve as an entertainment and event space with a second mid-level box unpretentiously dubbed "the Shed" which can be used for educational events. The third glass box is at the base and intended for pedestrian access to what will presumably be an attempt at creating another of the markets that have proven so popular in the area.

In terms of the building massing there are dramatic differences in the scale that have come about as a response to the architect trying to integrate it into both the high-rise area of the City of London which it stands close to, and the lower-rise east end. At the same time, the masterplan for the area has defined what is called "the Shoreditch triangle", literally a triangle with a plan that there is to be a tower on each of the three points, of which the Shoreditch Highgate Hotel will be one.

Construction on the proposal is due to begin in the spring of 2016 with completion in the winter of 2018.
Shoreditch Highgate Hotel, London
Shoreditch Highgate Hotel, London