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Meatpacking Tower Harks Back To 30s Glory Days

Manhattan's Meatpacking district isn't an area that is particularly associated with skyscrapers despite the high-rise reputation of New York City. That could all be about to change if a new tower at 180 East 88 Street gets built.

The scheme is being developed and designed by the same firm, DDG, which has both architectural and development arms allowing for a completely in-house project. With 32-storeys and a height of 159 metres (521 feet) and a mere 48 apartments, the project is a slender tower with set backs that harks back to the glory days of skyscrapers.

The largely austere exterior will be clad in a mixture of concrete and Kolumba bricks, a material that is traditionally used in the meatpacking district. Breaking up the rectangular windows are two sets of arches, the lower of which are on the communal gardens levels of the 13th and 14th storeys.

The second set at the top of the tower surround the penthouse levels to provide more expansive views than those of the bog-standard apartments along with spaces for terraces. The arch motif is also repeated in the entrance lobby with vaulted ceilings inspired by the likes of Gaudi's Casa Mila and even repeated in one of the buildings amenities, the communal wine cellar. Other amenities include a half-basketball court, a games room, and a children's playroom.

It's only at the crown of the building there is a true break from the restrained exterior. Encasing the plant levels, will be a wrap-around golden cladding adding a touch of decadence.

Should the scheme go-ahead then construction will start in 2017.
180th East 88 Street, New York City
180th East 88 Street, New York City