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Leeds Quadruple Tower Plan Purchased

Heeton Holdings leading a consortium of developers from Singapore that also includes the Lian Beng Group, Ryobi Kiso Holdings, and KSH Holdings has purchased the infamous British Gas site in Leeds, presently occupied by a decaying sixties tower, complete with broken windows and graffiti.

The site that sites to the north-east of the city centre is 2.45 acres in size. Drawn up by Ian Simpson Architects for West Lunar during the last economic cycle, the masterplan consists of for four towers of 23, 29,34 and 40 storeys tall stepping down in height towards Mabgate. Although designed in 2007 and given an initial construction schedule beginning in October 2009 and completing in December 2013, work never began due to changing economic winds.

Approval was given for up to 843 new apartments, a 4-star hotel, 400 square metres of ground floor retail space, plus associated facilities for the area such as a new gym and swimming pool.

The plan features two podiums on the site with one carrying the three tallest towers above it, and a radically smaller podium on the eastern part of the site with the shortest tower, the hotel building which is identified from the residential uses of the other three by its different external details.

What has been bought is unlikely to be ever built, not least as the scheme was designed for a completely different climate, but they do set a precedent that indicates the quantum of the development to be permitted on this site.
Bridge Street, Leeds
Bridge Street, Leeds