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Third Time Lucky For Nouvel Skyscraper Designs

Since 2013 Jean Nouvel has been working on Tour Hekla, a new skyscraper to stand in Pari's La Defense, the main tall building cluster of the French capital. Developed by Hines and AG Real Estate, it will have 47 floors and consist almost entirely of office space.

The building is clad in a complicated sculpted combination of angled outer facades which along with their overruns help give it the look of a mineral. Topping the tower is a roof garden partially sheltered by the overhanging facades that will have enough clearance for mature trees. At ground level the outer facade works as canopies around the base helping to shelter the entrance areas as well as visually marking them to pedestrians approaching from the nearby plaza.

The project is mooted as a long-term plan. Getting skyscrapers approved in La Defense isn't a streamlined process, it can take a number of years, and in this case also involves some complicated groundwork to construct it over a main road in the Rose de Cherbourg zone of the cluster.

As a word of warning, Jean Nouvel has previously designed two skyscrapers, Tour Signal and Tour Sans Fins. As here Nouvel followed through that the role of the architect was that of a magician who should create vivid effects, but both of those were never built. Perhaps this is third time lucky?
Tour Hekla, Paris
Tour Hekla, Paris