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Reading Trio Harks Back To The 80s

Following Bracknell, Reading looks like it might be the latest of the London satellite towns to see a cluster of new tall buildings constructed, this time in the form of three towers that hark back to 80s post-modernism and look more like they belong in Moscow than Berkshire.

The three towers, named Swan Heights, are proposed for a site bounded by King's Meadow Road to the north and Vastern Road to the west on the northern edge of the town centre. Taller buildings already stand in the area including the Reading Bridge office block, although this is just over a third of the height of the tallest building planned for this site.

Drawing up the designs for the towers is ADAM Architecture which has come up with a collection of cream coloured buildings, complete with a mishmash of numerous ostentatious ornamental details that hint at the 80s. One roof will be domed, the second stepped and the third pyramidal.

A noticeable feature is the small windows for each apartment, an unusual step for what will be largely private homes, although recessed balconies are set into the sides of the towers to provide the residents with some outdoor space. They will also be able to enjoy the shared roof gardens above the podium section.

The tallest of the buildings will rise to 98 metres in height with 28 floors above ground whilst the scheme will contain three ground floor retail units in their shared podium and 352 new apartments. The other two towers are 26 and 24 floors respectively, with heights of 93.5 and 85.5 metres.

The project is being developed by Lochailort Investments.
Swan Heights, Reading
Swan Heights, Reading