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New Plans For Dublins Bolands Mill

Before the Great Irish Crash, Bolands Mill was a site on the dockside of Grand Canal Docks in central Dublin where Treasury Holdings planned on constructing a 100 metre tall tower. Those plans came crashing down, but the attractive position of the site remains and new proposals have finally surfaced six years on.

The project is now being developed by NAMA, the Irish government's bail-out vehicle that picked up the assets from distressed developer Treasury Holdings, and now features an office-led development of 36,760 square metres of space, plus retail along the dockside and a small number of apartments - some 42 in all.

The scheme consists of three buildings, a 53-metre tall office building of 14-storeys, a 13-storey office building of 49 metres, and a residential apartment of 48 metres with 15 floors on the far end of the site that is easily differentiated from its partners by projecting balconies and the lack of all-over floor to ceiling glazing.

The project also foresees the complete renovation of the space alongside the dock and the connection of the buildings to the five nearby Victorian warehouses. The brick of these gives much inspiration to the aesthetics of the scheme.

Boland's Mill is the first development of the Strategic Development Zone, an area with special legal status that does not allow appeals to the Irish government's Board Of Planning, a layer of oversight that saw many projects of the previous property cycle fall into limbo.
Bolands Mill, Dublin
Bolands Mill, Dublin