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Huge Plans For Yorkshire Evening Post Site

What to do with the former Yorkshire Evening Post site in the centre of the city of Leeds has proven to be a bit of a headache for local planners, but Sheppard Robson has finally designed a multi-use scheme that could see the site regenerated.

It's dubbed the Wellington Street Gateway in recognition of the strategic position it occupiers on the city's inner ring road and in particular its position to the immediate east of the western A58M road bridge that crosses the River Aire. For many approaching Leeds from the south, it is literally a gateway site.

The scheme consists of a several office buildings and a residential tower. The taller of the office buildings overlooks the ring road providing a grand entrance thanks to the voids cut through its bottom and supporting columns the scale of Roman temple. The 12 floor building has a stepped top with facade overruns above creating a lattice-like peak. The second office building is a collection of oblong rectangles stacked together.

Both are positioned in such a manner to help shield the interior of the site from the massive amounts of traffic that pass. With their ground floor retail and restaurant units, they back onto a landscaped area that stretches to the River Aire creating a new waterside pedestrian-friendly route through what is presently a hostile site. In the heart of the landscaped a residential tower is proposed orientated in such a way as to maximise its terraces towards the south. Some 200 apartments are expected to be situated within.

With a planning application having been filed, the development is being worked on by YP Real Estate, a company founded to exploit the site. Negotiations have already begun on companies that could take pre-lets in the office buildings, but to date no head of terms have been agreed. If they are completion could be achieved on the first building in 2017.
Wellington Street Gateway, Leeds
Wellington Street Gateway, Leeds