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Inverkip Chimney Due To Come Tumbling Down

The tallest structure in Scotland is to be explosively demolished on the 28th of July drawing to an end the long-running debacle of Inverkip Power Station.

The power station was originally proposed in the late 1960s and construction was completed by the mid 1970s with only one small flaw - the power station was to use oil to generate power. 1973 saw the price of oil soar worldwide rendering the power station too expensive to run before it was even able to start fully operating.

The only time that the power station actually operated at full capacity was during the Miners Strike of 1984-1985 when it was brought online and consumed a vast amount of North Sea oil to compensate for the coal shortages the United Kingdom was experiencing.

The power station, which stands near Greenock in Scotland's central belt, boasts a 236 metre tall chimney that will be blown up by explosives, something that be an impressive show for those who care to attend - the precise time of demolition will be 10pm that Sunday for those who wish to the see the 1.4 million bricks and 20,000 tonnes of concrete come tumbling down.
To prepare for work, the owner of the site, Scottish Power, has already had a series of smaller demolitions on the surrounding structures to allow the demolition experts to get close to the chimney and bring it down as safely as possible.
Scottish Power eventually hopes to construct 780 new homes on the site, plus office and retail space.