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Vague Tower Plans Approved In Leeds

Montpellier Estates in Leeds has secured planning permission for a major mixed-use development that features numerous blocks spread over a ten acre site.

The scheme sits about half a mile south of Leeds main train station on a site that largely car parks. It's bounded by Jack Lane to the south, Sweet Street to the north, Bowling Green Terrace to its west and Meadow Road to the east. As such as it is positioned to move redevelopment further south from Leeds city centre towards the M621.

Plans by owner of Montpellier Estates, Jan Fletcher, have floated around for almost a decade to redevelop the site. City One first surfaced in 2004 and included a 37-storey residential tower on Meadow Road and a casino.

Montpellier Estates filed a suitably vague outline application for redevelopment with ten buildings and a 25-floor tower in 2010 of which the new proposals are similar. The tallest tower is increased in the outline application to 40 storeys whilst the developer has agreed that they will help fund local transport with a 1.1 million contribution.

As with the 2010 proposal, the newly approved application has little detail on the specifics of the project, something that the Leeds City Council planning committee criticised despite approving the proposal.