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Centre Point Set For Residential-led Overhaul

Listed modernist London icon, Centre Point, which stands atop the key junction between New Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road has had plans mooted for an overhaul that would turn it into a largely residential building.

Controversial when built, the tower itself has gradually become more and more loved as the years have gone past, although compliments are usually framed with the counterpoint that the base is a mess.

Developed Almacantar is the latest to propose its redevelopment after the previous ideas by Targetfollow fell by the wayside following their collapse during the world financial crisis.

Almacantar, which picked up Centre Point for 120 million in 2010, has hired Conran & Partners to convert the main tower into a selection of new flats from its current office space that was only renovated five years ago by Rolfe Judd Architects.

In addition to them, Rick Mather has been signed up to give the interior of Centre Point House an overhaul. Less famous than its taller brother, this is the low-rise Seifert apartment block that stands next to the tower.

Mather has already established a reputation as a tasteful renovator of listed buildings as any visitor to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, a project which he led, will testify.

Here, the key for both firms will be rejuvenate the interior of the tower, and exploit to the full the lucrative location in London's West End and stunning views, whilst respecting the listed fabric of the building and retaining its exterior look. If done well it could prove as popular as Trellick Tower, another sixties building that has been given a new lease of life.

As such the only major external change is expected to be finally dealing with the messy base of the tower. The main problem with this is the road that runs through the site that has managed to take on the appearance of a dreary bus-choked underpass. The plans could see this road finally removed and a public space replace it which will prove something of a relief for the pedestrians which have to cross it.

Although Almacantar is a new name in the London property business the company brings much experience to the table - Mike Hussey, the former head of Land Securities now runs it, so any proposals should be taken seriously.
The developer is due to show off their proposals for the site for the first time next month.

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