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Faber Street Plans Brought Back To Life

Plans for three residential towers on Faber Street in central Manchester had seemed to have fallen by the wayside, but a new planning application has been filed that the developer hopes will kick-start the scheme.

One factor for the renewed planning application could be that the site on Faber Street and Roger Street has become something of a development hotspot thanks to the under construction Cooperative Group headquarters that is being built just down the road. With several thousand new jobs promised for the area, a residential development could well be in demand due to the influx of office workers.

As before the project features three residential buildings of 13, 17 and 19 floors set along an east-west axis with the tallest block situated on the northern side of the site near the passing railway viaduct.

The scheme will retain the previous number of 500 apartments, plus a further 3,284 square metres of commercial space of which which 1,000 will be retail with the rest comprising of a mixture of office space, a new pub, restaurants, and a takeaway for a late night kebab.

Given the success of the previous application, plus the continuing redevelopment of the area in general, there should be few problems with the project having been resubmitted again.
Faber Street, Manchester
Faber Street, Manchester