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Tower Plans To Transform Barry Island

Barry Island in south Wales used to be a buzzing seaside town offering year round entertainment with its esplanade, blue flag beach, Butlins camp and a well known funfair.

Unfortunately, as the years have passed the island has lost its crowd pulling appeal, its attractions have fallen behind the times slowly have falling into a state of disrepair.

Salvation and a much needed boost for the islands dwindling economy could be at hand though if redevelopment proposals penned by architects David Pierce Consultancy are given the go ahead by the powers that be.

The new proposals would see the old outdoor amusement area replaced with a modern indoor attraction which would include family orientated entertainment along with housing and retail included completely overhauling the area and giving it a much needed breath of life.

The plans include several four to five storey buildings including a glass domed entertainment area that replaces the existing and impractical funfair. The roofs of these buildings will feature green spaces that not only look nice and give people somewhere pleasant to relax, but also add to the projects eco-loveliness.

The star of the show however will be the 22 storey residential tower that will sit at the heart of the project and something that the designers hope be an icon. More significantly however, it promises to completely transform Barry Island by plonking a tower in the middle of it adding height to what is currently a flat skyline, something that is bound to get the heckles of many up.

The tower will be a slender affair elliptical in shape, which rises from a podium base to a sweeping, curved peak with a pointed facade overrun that's orientated to face towards the sea creating the impression of a spire. The facades will be fully glazed using a mixture of blue and green tinted solar glazing, the balconies will also use coloured glass.

The tower will be purely residential, housing 90 one and two bed apartments along with 7 penthouses that will have great views of the bay, and most likely offer the usual amenities such as gyms to attract buyers.

Still a proposal there's a lot left to do before the developers can get the go-ahead, the least of which will be to submit a detailed application, assuming of course they can get their outline one approved by the local council first.

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