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CABE Welcome Make Vauxhall Tower

The Commission of Architecture and Built Environment has given some enthusiastic support to Make Architects with regards to their plans for a new 149 metre tall residential tower in London's Vauxhall.

The Vauxhall Bondway Tower features a distinctive cascading zig-zag as it rises to its 149.5 metre tall pinnacle with 400 apartments inside for developer London & Regional. No one knows whether this is inspired by the CIMB Bank Tower in Kuala Lumpur that has recently be completed, but that has the same sort of cascading diagonals when viewed in profile.

In reviewing the tower CABE praised the form of it, and the way it fits into what is one day expected to be a fully fledged cluster of tall buildings with particular praise for the zig-zag that they feel "breaks down the scale of the building when viewed from the north and south". These are the views where the tower will appear particularly wide.

On the western part of the site will be a new 40 metre public space, a reasonably generous amount for somewhere this central in London but CABE has some reservations feeling that the ground area will struggle to be integrated into the tower successfully in terms of being animated rather than abandoned. In other words, it presents a challenge to both the architect and the local planning authorities to have its full potential realised.

CABE also mention the cladding on the building mentioning how the use of stainless steel could make people think it is an office block, not a residential tower. The implication of this is that CABE believes an office tower should have one look, with an apartment building having another.

They mention how this can be avoided by warmer, less metallic and more dusty materials like copper and wood and say how the local planning authorities should make the materials used a condition of planning approval - something that will help avoid people thinking they are getting one thing when another goes up.

CABE also like the winter gardens which they feel are a great solution to residents having their own space, even in bad weather. One cannot go out on the balcony 100 metres up in the middle of a gale unless they want to end up in the street below.

Combined with the fact that every apartment has double aspect views thanks to the skillful use of corners throughout the building CABE are largely happy with the quality of life that residents could enjoy.
Criticism is reserved for the canopies on the building that they feel are poorly placed compared to the diagonals that dominate the rest of the scheme, and that these should be revised so they are re-angled adding to the harmony of the buildings lines rather than clashing with it.
All in all though, CABE like it which thanks to this influential support bodes well for the project when it finally gets before the planning committee of local authority, Lambeth.

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