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Tesco Plan Huge New South London Development

Continuing their rolling plan to redevelop their best supermarket sites into mixed use schemes is Tesco's plans in the London Borough of Kingston near the Tolworth Tower.

Penned by Carey Jones Architects the scheme is situated just off the Tolworth Roundabout on the busy A3 trunk road and features a new supermarket with 5334 square metres of space for the sale area of the shop, and 459 parking spaces for shoppers.

The scale of the retail is such however that Tesco could struggle to justify it to the planning authorities who are gradually facing up to the fact the company is establishing a dominant, and some would say monopolistic position on shopping in parts of Britain.

As well as the supermarket a very sizable number of apartments are planned - 562 in all, many of which will use the superstore as a podium and stand above it. Of these 444 will be private housing with the other 118 as affordable homes whilst parking will be provided for 430 cars in the basement. Following on from this first set of housing there are future plans for a second phase that will have an additional 245 new homes.

The housing is laid out in a series of blocks that enclose courtyards that provide some outdoor space for the residents sheltered from the noise around as well as playspace for children.

Thanks to the location of the A3 that runs along the site the designers have had some major problems. For a start, some of the apartments will front directly on to it and special measures will have to be taken to reduce the noise through customized glazing.

Unfortunately for the occupants of these apartments they will have to keep their windows shut at all times which in turn means that they will need specific ventilation systems fitted. This isn't an insurmountable problem for the design team, but it's one that has to be dealt with if they ever wish to achieve planning permission and will, along with the other problems the project faces, likely require a new application.
Tesco Store, Tolworth
Tesco Store, Tolworth