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Conran Lash Out At City Lofts Critics

The remnants of developer City Lofts, and Conran & Partners have both angrily lashed out at their treatment following the planning refusal for changes to the under construction St Paul's Place Tower in Sheffield.

The council are criticised for twice knocking back the plans that would see the 101 metre tall tower clad, despite the recommendation from planning inspectors the applications be green lit, a move that some within the business community feel makes the city a poor place to do business in.

Particular criticism has been reserved for the incorrect rumours spreading around Sheffield that parts of the glass have or will be replaced by plastic, something that is completely untruthful.

So you can see for yourself what's the what, on the right both images of the project are shown. The first showing the revised design as rejected by Sheffield City Council last week, and the second being the original version from 2005.

Viewers should bare in mind there are subtle lighting and colour differences between the two images making a precise comparison of things like the palette more difficult.

Amongst the changes that are noticeable are -

The missing spire, something that has allowed a saving of approximately 105,000 but also removed the risk of the building suffering wind vibrations from it.
An upper level seems to be missing an entire side of glazing.
Penthouse balconies are no longer glass.
Glass panels on the service shaft have been changed from 2 to 3 losing the vertical line that would have aligned with the spire.
There are six vertical lines of dark panels running down from the top of the tower to improve thermal efficiency.
The vertical grillage has been replaced with two textured aluminium panels, champagne colour, reportedly due to the lack of wind testing into possible whistling.
Window frames are now thicker with the transoms and hand rails being very visible.
Sliding doors replaced by casement windows thanks to the architect alleging a lack of testing at the alloted height of the tower.

Conran & Partners see the main topic of disagreement between them and the council based around only small issues now such as the transom windows rather than large-scale strategic issues with the overall substance of the project already agreed.

It seems though they and the developer are still desperate to work with the council and iron out the problems rather than walk away from the project, something some of those with a more fateful outlook in Sheffield's business community had predicted would happen.

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