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Leeds Council Approve Monstrosity Makeover

One of the most infamous sixties office blocks still standing in the city centre of Leeds is due for a radical makeover after Leeds City Council gave the thumbs up to a planning application for renovation.

The 52 metre tall City House currently looms directly over the city railway station and straddles one of the main road entrances into the city centre turning it into an unappealing gateway for those getting their fist glimpse of Leeds.

Incredibly given the dated apperance, the exterior has already received modernisation in the last decade but this time round the overhaul will be rather more sweeping than the last band-aid it had.

The existing windows are to be completely stripped and replaced with full height floor to ceiling glazing giving the tower a near total glass frontage. The current brown coloured cladding will also be replaced with white giving it a cleaner and more modern look.

The interiors will be fitted out with the latest technology allowing them to host blue chip companies looking for high specification offices close to Leeds Railway Station and its fast train links that go directly to London.

The scheme will be redeveloped by the Kenmore Property Group who bought the building in 2006. Work is due to begin in September 2008 with completion about a year away.

Once it is finished, the building will offer approximately 1,000 square metres of grade A space for offices on each of it's 13 occupiable floors with 80 car parking slots thrown in too for good measure.

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