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Axis Rejig Velocity Tower Again

The saga of Velocity's planned tower in Sheffield is continuing with Axis Architecture once again overhauling the plans and bringing in something new.

This time the proposals for the partially built building have been revised to feature a 30 storey element reduced from 36 floors with the shorter wing now incorporating a second 17 storey building turning into a twin tower. In adding the second 17 storey section, the wing element that was previously dominant has now been reduced to a mere five floors.

Currently the main tower is built up to the 22nd floor, the maximum permitted. Features that are already planned will be retained such as the wind turbines on the roof whilst the rest of the scheme will continue with the green glass the proposal employs.

Height fans in Sheffield will be disappointed to know that the reduction of six floors means the tower will no longer be the tallest in Yorkshire when counting the wind turbines and that Bridgewater Place in Leeds will retain the title.

The proposals in the newest planning application are not supported by everyone. Most notable amongst the objections is a complaint from Learn Direct that the downdrafts from the building are already such that in bad weather they now have to repair their roof.

They also argue that Velocity Estates are a poorly managed company who should not be trusted with building such a major project, particularly with a health and safety record that included a door flying off it and into the nearby dual carriageway. Rather more bizarrely they complain the windows of the existing constructed bits of the Velocity Tower are not cleaned regularly enough.

The confidence of Velocity Estates in proposing these latest, larger designs in the face of the credit crunch shows that for cities that do not have an over abundance of city centre apartments like Leeds and Manchester suffer from, business can continue with developers relatively confident they can continue to reap good returns on their investments.

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