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Glasgow Office Building Of Two Halves

Architects, the Holmes Partnership, are due to submit a planning application any day now for this new office development at 110 Queen Street in Glasgow.

Replacing a previous 10 floor design by REID Architecture, the 11 storey proposal will have approximately 24,000 square metres of floor space in large efficiently shaped rectangular floor-plates. Animating the street front will be a number of new retail outlets.

Developed for the Scarborough Development Group and only a short walk from Queen Street Station, the design is distinctively split into two vertical sections, the bottom sandstone and the top portion glass and set back from the street.

The sandstone part will have an inset fenestration of vertical strips arranged irregularly enough to give it an air of randomness but with enough order to have clear vertical lines running from the first floor to the top of the segment.

The upper section above it has a pattern of semi-transparent magenta and cyan coloured glass panels that stand behind a transparent outer glass fašade. This will allow the most striking effect of these two contrasting sections that will come at night when the glass crown is lit up creating a translucent beacon coloured a myriad of blues and purples.

Part of the challenge for the Holmes Partnership was grappling with the large number of listed buildings down Queen Street whilst coming up with something that is both modern and traditional.

This proved instrumental for the architects in deciding the conservative material choice of sandstone that will allow the streetscape to continue uninterrupted without a modern hulk plonked thoughtlessly in the way.

The formula meanwhile of a glass half above a solid lower half has worked well with previous designs such as the Elbphilharmonie being built in Hamburg. The Holmes Partnership go some way to showing there's life in this under-used idea yet.

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