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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
12 Arena CentralArchitect492017Proposed
21 London Wall PlaceArchitect612016Under Construction
3The Monument BuildingArchitect422016Complete
45 BroadgateArchitect692014Under Construction
5220 BroomielawArchitect462013Approved
6The CubeArchitect702010Complete
8Bramah ChelseaArchitect312009Complete
955 Baker StreetArchitect342008Complete
1048 Leicester SquareRenovation Architect371957Under Renovation
1111-19 Monument StreetArchitect39 Cancelled
12145 City Road Office BuildingArchitect, Landscape Architect47 Proposed
132 London Wall PlaceArchitect76 Approved
1430 Old Bailey NorthArchitect41 Approved
1530 Old Bailey SouthArchitect41 Approved
1636-48 Albert EmbankmentArchitect75 Proposed
1740 Leadenhall StreetArchitect154 Approved
18Billinton HillArchitect37 Approved
19Cherry Orchard Road HotelArchitect55 Approved
20Cherry Orchard Road TowerArchitect171 Approved
21Cherry Orchard Road Tower 1Architect92 Cancelled
22Cherry Orchard Road Tower 2Architect85 Cancelled
23Cherry Orchard Road Tower 3Architect160 Cancelled
24Cherry Orchard Road Tower 4Architect66 Cancelled
25Chiswick Roundabout DevelopmentArchitect52 Approved
26City Park Gate Phase OneArchitect43 Cancelled
27Edinburgh Waterfront TowerArchitect160 Vision
28Kings Reach Office BuildingArchitect57 Approved
29Kings Reach Tower RebuildArchitect127 Approved
30Kite TowerArchitect, Other90 Cancelled
31Meadows Gateway Building AArchitect45 Proposed
32Meridian GateArchitect184 Proposed
33Middlesex HospitalArchitect31 Cancelled
34Odeon West EndArchitect35 Approved
35Plot N06 Building 1Architect102 Proposed
36Plot N06 Building 3Architect102 Proposed
37Taberner House Block AArchitect120 Approved
38Taberner House Block BArchitect46 Approved
39The Atlas BuildingArchitect, Landscape Architect133 Under Construction
40The ManchesterArchitect82 Cancelled
41The SpiracleArchitect80 Cancelled
42Trafalgar Way Tower 1Architect122 Approved
43Trafalgar Way Tower 2Architect104 Approved
44Vauxhall Bondway TowerArchitect149 Cancelled
45VortexArchitect300 Vision
46Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Tower 1Architect58 Cancelled
47Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Tower 2Architect36 Cancelled
48Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Tower 3Architect85 Cancelled
49Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Tower 4Architect46 Cancelled
50White Hart Lane Block 2Architect37 Proposed
51White Hart Lane Block 3Architect52 Proposed
52White Hart Lane Block 4Architect37 Proposed
53White Hart Lane StadiumArchitect42 Proposed