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Squire and Partners Architect, Visualisation Firm
We have 71 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Lexicon LondonArchitect1162016Complete
2One The ElephantArchitect1242016Complete
3The Tower Chelsea CreekArchitect762016Complete
4The Montcalm Signature TowerArchitect, Visualisation Firm732015Complete
5The Tower One Tower BridgeArchitect752015Under Construction
67-15 Baker StreetArchitect342012Under Construction
7Artotel HoxtonArchitect612012Proposed
8Vertex TowerArchitect562012Complete
9Creekside Village West Block CArchitect412011Complete
10Creekside Village West Block DArchitect412011Approved
11Trinity TowerArchitect672011Complete
12Unison HeadquartersArchitect422011Complete
13The Landmark East TowerArchitect1392010Complete
14The Landmark West TowerArchitect982009Complete
1540 Portman SquareArchitect372008Complete
16Block A (Reuters Blackwall Yard Redevelopment)Architect982008Approved
17Alaska ApartmentsArchitect582007Complete
18Ross ApartmentsArchitect492007Complete
19The OxygenArchitect612007Complete
20Capital East ApartmentsArchitect582005Complete
21Riverbank Park Plaza HotelArchitect592005Approved
22The KnightsbridgeArchitect402005Complete
23The Horizon BuildingArchitect402000Complete
24Vogans Mill WharfArchitect551989Complete
251 Millharbour (37 floor development)Architect196 Cancelled
261 Millharbour (scheme A)Architect139 Cancelled
271 North Road Building AArchitect34 Proposed
281 Park PlaceArchitect50 Approved
291 Park PlaceArchitect167 Approved
3010-20 Dock Street Block BArchitect40 Approved
31100 City RoadArchitect131 Cancelled
32100 City Road Block BArchitect39 Cancelled
33185 Park Street Block 1Architect38 Pre Planning
34185 Park Street Block 2Architect46 Pre Planning
35185 Park Street Block 3Architect75 Pre Planning
36185 Park Street Building 1Architect70 Proposed
37185 Park Street Building 2Architect51 Proposed
38185 Park Street Building 3Architect39 Proposed
39243 Ealing Road Block 1Architect43 Proposed
40243 Ealing Road Block 2Architect34 Proposed
41243 Ealing Road Block 3Architect34 Proposed
42243 Ealing Road Block 6Architect34 Proposed
433 St Peters SquareArchitect59 Approved
4455 Temple RowArchitect40 Approved
458-10 Grafton StreetArchitect37 Approved
46Block D (Reuters Blackwall Yard Redevelopment)Architect47 Approved
47Charles House Block AArchitect37 Proposed
48Charles House Block CArchitect43 Proposed
49Charles House Block DArchitect37 Proposed
50Charles House Block EArchitect34 Proposed
51Charles House Block FArchitect37 Proposed
52Charles House Block GArchitect37 Proposed
53City PrideArchitect233 Proposed
54City Road Basin Site CArchitect115 Cancelled
55Creekside Industrial Estate Building BArchitect100 Proposed
56Creekside Village East Block 1Architect31 Approved
57Creekside Village East Block 2Architect70 Approved
58Creekside Village East Block 3Architect55 Approved
59Creekside Village East Block 4Architect43 Approved
60Granite Wharf Tower 1Architect107 Cancelled
61Granite Wharf Tower 2Architect107 Cancelled
62Lanterns Court Block 1Architect67 Approved
63One Tower Bridge Block 2Architect41 Under Construction
64One Tower Bridge Block 3Architect41 Under Construction
65One Tower Bridge Block 4Architect41 Under Construction
66Shell Centre Building B1Architect50 Proposed
67Shell Centre Building B4AArchitect113 Proposed
68Shell Centre Building B4BArchitect91 Proposed
69Vauxhall Cross Island Tower 1Architect140 Approved
70Vauxhall Cross Island Tower 2Architect106 Approved
71West End GreenArchitect85 Approved