Barton Wilmore Architect, Planning Consultant
We have 15 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Block A Poplar Business ParkArchitect582019Cancelled
2Block C Poplar Business ParkArchitect1022019Cancelled
3The Tower One Tower BridgePlanning Consultant752015Under Construction
4Chelsea Creek Block DPlanning Consultant38 Cancelled
5Chelsea Creek Block FPlanning Consultant38 Cancelled
6Chelsea Creek Block GPlanning Consultant49 Cancelled
7Chelsea Creek TowerPlanning Consultant85 Cancelled
8Globe Road Building A1Planning Consultant35 Proposed
9Hadley HouseArchitect33 Proposed
10Leman Street HotelPlanning Consultant71 Proposed
11One Tower Bridge Block 2Planning Consultant41 Under Construction
12One Tower Bridge Block 3Planning Consultant41 Under Construction
13One Tower Bridge Block 4Planning Consultant41 Under Construction
14The SpinePlanning Consultant59 Proposed
15White Post Lane Residential TowerArchitect61 Proposed