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Controlled Demolition Demolition Contractor
We have 11 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Flint TowerDemolition Contractor571971Demolished
2Antrim HouseDemolition Contractor631967Demolished
3Cavan HouseDemolition Contractor631967Demolished
4Churchill HouseDemolition Contractor411965Demolished
5Attlee HouseDemolition Contractor411964Demolished
6Eden HouseDemolition Contractor411964Demolished
7Macmillan HouseDemolition Contractor411964Demolished
8Chamberlain HouseDemolition Contractor411963Demolished
9Allermuir CourtDemolition Contractor49 Demolished
10Caerketton CourtDemolition Contractor49 Demolished
11Capelaw CourtDemolition Contractor49 Demolished