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Whitecode Design Associates Services Engineer
We have 14 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Barrier Park East Block DServices Engineer422013Under Construction
2Sienna AltoServices Engineer792013Under Construction
3Venice CorteServices Engineer462013Complete
4Capital East ApartmentsServices Engineer582005Complete
5Barrier Park East Block AServices Engineer43 Approved
6Barrier Park East Block GServices Engineer43 Approved
7Building A Loampit ValeServices Engineer40 Proposed
8Building E Loampit ValeServices Engineer55 Proposed
9Building F Loampit ValeServices Engineer61 Proposed
10City Forum Tower 1Services Engineer155 Proposed
11City Forum Tower 2Services Engineer137 Proposed
12Hale VillageServices Engineer82 Proposed
13Hoola EastServices Engineer73 Under Construction
14Hoola WestServices Engineer72 Under Construction