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Alan CampArchitect2
Alan De WalsinghamArchitect1
Alan Reiach, Eric Hall and PartnersArchitect3
Albert Edward LambertArchitect1
Albert LakemanArchitect1
Albert MooreArchitect1
Alec French PartnershipArchitect2
Alexander EllisArchitect1
Alexander Marshall MackenzieArchitect2
Alexander ThomsonArchitect1
Alfred Brumwell ThomasArchitect1
Alfred WaterhouseArchitect11
Alison & Peter SmithsonArchitect1
Alison Brooks ArchitectsArchitect1
all DesignArchitect1
Allen Tod ArchitectureArchitect2
Allford Hall Monaghan MorrisArchitect, Renovation Architect19
Allies and Morrison ArchitectsArchitect, Developer, Masterplanning Architect72
Alsop ArchitectsArchitect6
Amanda Levete ArchitectsArchitect1
Amin Taha ArchitectsArchitect1
Amsell & BaileyArchitect1
Andrew HeitonArchitect1
Andrew RentonArchitect1
Anish KapoorArchitect2