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Denton Corker MarshallArchitect, Renovation Architect12
Derek Stephenson & PartnersArchitect1
Desmond FitzgeraldArchitect1
Desmond Ri O'KellyArchitect1
Devereux ArchitectsArchitect1
Dexter Moren ArchitectsArchitect6
Dez DevelopmentsArchitect1
DLA ArchitectureArchitect7
DLA Architecture LtdArchitect4
DLG ArchitectsArchitect, Renovation Architect4
DMWR ArchitectsArchitect2
Dodgshun and UnsworthArchitect1
Donald McMorran & George WhitbyArchitect1
Donnelly Turpin AssociatesArchitect1
Doone Silver ArchitectsArchitect1
Douglas Marriott, Worby & RobinsonArchitect1
Douglas Wallace ArchitectsArchitect3
Douglass Wise and PartnersAffordable Housing Consultant, Architect4
Downes Meehan & RobsonArchitect1
DTZ Pieda Consulting / Level Seven ArchitectsArchitect1
Duggan Morris ArchitectsArchitect1
Duncarse ResidentialArchitect1
Dunn, Hansom and DunnArchitect1