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Imagine you could step into the future and see tomorrow. Well here we’ve done just that. We put on our thinking caps taking proposals floating around at the time and make some images of what we think the skylines will be like. We’ve even helpfully marked them so you know which ones are accurate and current and which ones have been superceded by newer proposals.

As well as looking into the future of British cities we also have a variety of international images ranging from montages of the worlds tallest buildings all together on one skyline done helpfully to scale to a look at what Melbourne could be like in the not too distant future.

You don’t need a time machine anymore, just check back here.

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Melbourne Skyline

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Skyscrapernews.com contains an archive of literally thousands of images ranging from skylines, panoramas and visions of the future to individual buidings. Many of our images are available for licensing, contact us for more details.