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24-02-2010 > How Would You Design Londons Skyline

London Skyline V1.3.1We all like Sim City but have you ever wanted to play god with the actual London skyline. This new tool from Hayes Davidson, the imaging company who come up with so many of those visualisations of London in the future, will allow you to do just that.

05-01-2009 > Google Earths Major Manhattan Update

Manhattan in Google EarthThe exchange rates for the pound against the dollar have seen some major changes over the past few months with what was two pounds to the dollar now trading at about 1.40 dollars.

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13-05-2008 > Who Says Architecture Doesnt Pay

Lloyds of LondonThey formed the revolutionary Team 4 together in the sixties, briefly shining together, before going on to bigger and better things but Richard Rogers and Norman Foster remain the Lennon and McCartney of the British architecture scene.

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07-05-2008 > How Tall Is 600 Metres

Tower EP 15 will be 600ish metresWith the plans for the EC/AC Towers in Dubai adding another three 600 metre tall skyscrapers to the future skyline of the Emirate how does that measure up to existing buildings?

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28-01-2008 > Government Sneaks In Planning Changes

Big BenIt's gone unnoticed in a hidden away section of the latest Planning Bill going through the House of Commons, but the British government plans to charge local residents 120 if they wish to appeal against decisions taken by their local council.

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03-01-2008 > Happy New Year For 2008

The ConstellationIt's been a good year in 2007 for both the world of skyscrapers and Skyscrapernews.com.

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03-09-2007 > Survey Finds Gherkin Is Ugly

30 St Mary Axe LondonIf you've got a product to flog, one sure fire way of getting some publicity is with a survey or study that finds something either controversial or smutty to promote your brief.

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31-07-2007 > Monument Shuts For Restoration

The MonumentIf you're planning going up the Monument in the City of London sometime this summer, or indeed next, it might be a good idea to forget it.

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21-01-2008 > We Are All Newsmen Now

No ImageIt's an anniversary that came and went with little fanfare but the 17th of January 1998 saw the day that the internet took off as a news source.

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08-11-2007 > St Pancras Rises From The Ashes

St Pancras restored Barlow train shedUnless you've spent the last few days on Mars you could hardly have missed the triumphant press coverage on the resurrection of St Pancras Station and the Midland Grand Hotel as the rejuvenated jewel in the crown of Britain's railways.

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07-08-2007 > Actors Gatecrash King Alfred Planning Meeting

King Alfred Development BrightonJust when you thought you could have heard everything there is to hear about the local planning process something always surprises.

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13-07-2007 > Rome Reborn

The Roman Forum in Rome RebornOne of the highlights of Skyscrapernews TV schedules right now is the sword and sandals BBC / HBO joint production of Rome.

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