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27-03-2012 > Less Is Still More

Mansion House Square, LondonHappy birthday Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Had he lived he would be 126, but instead the architect passed away at the age of 85 back in 1969.

16-12-2011 > What We Are Reading This Month

No ImageFragments of Wilderness City - Bryan Avery et al.
Featuring a collection of essays from Richard Weston, Josephy Rykwert, John Worthington, Matthew Teague, and Edwin Heathcote, plus contributions from the man himself, this new coffee-table quality book concentrates on the work of architect Bryan Avery from childhood to maturity.

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12-12-2011 > The BT Tower Defrocked

The partially stripped BT TowerFew modern buildings can be described as "iconic" in London like the BT Tower. Absurdly kept secret in the Cold War by not featuring on London maps, despite its role in dozens of films and TV programmes and being blown up by terrorists, the tower was finally listed on the 26th of March 2003 meaning it would get the protection deserving of a historical building.

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04-11-2011 > Wordsearch Blog - Loving Tall

The planned WTC, New York CitySeptember was the 10th Anniversary of the terrible events of 9/11. The memorial park at the World Trade Center site will be officially opened and the memorial fountains will start to flow. Overlooking the site, and the opening ceremony, is the World's newest supertall tower, One World Trade Center, which, on completion, will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1776 ft high. In the next few years, the other towers on the site by Foster and Partners, Fumihiko Maki and Rogers. Stirk and Harbour will begin construction and complete the masterplan. A stunning new place in a neighbourhood that has been changed fundamentally.

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05-10-2011 > Prestons Threatened Brutalist Beauty

Preston Bus StationA bus station is not perhaps the sort of place one would associate with being an architecturally important building, but then if you think that perhaps you've never been to Preston.

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19-04-2011 > 2008 Recession On UK Tall Building Development

British Tall Building ProposalsA lot has been written about the recession that the United Kingdom has experienced, and the effect it has had on construction and property development, but what about tall buildings?

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10-08-2010 > The Genius Of Lincoln Cathedral

The nave of Lincoln CathedralWestminster Abbey. Durham Cathedral. York Minster. Canterbury Cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral. Spot the odd one out?

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30-04-2010 > Archigram Archive Opens Online

Walking City For Real?Imagine Piccadilly Circus ringed by tall buildings with a spaghetti like mess of roads running through it, or building that can walk? Both of these are just a few of the projects you can check out at the Archigram Archival Project, an online collection of the work done by the seminal architecture magazine.

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24-05-2011 > My Tall Is Taller Than Your Tall

Emley Moor, near LeedsUK broadcasting regulator OFCOM has pronounced, perhaps proudly given their own personal involvement, that the under-construction Shard will not be the tallest building and instead that title holder will be (and has been) Emley Moor transmitter. Are they right?

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13-01-2011 > How A Carbuncle Became A Landmark

55 Broadway, LondonWhat is arguably London's first modern skyscraper has had its heritage listing upgraded from Grade 2 to Grade 1 reflecting the importance of the building, both architecturally and historically. It wasn't always so however...

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20-07-2010 > Learning To Love Modernism

MK Centre, Milton KeynesCliff Richard fans may have been know it for years, it's where the popstar rollerskated whilst performing his video, Wired for Sound, but most outside Milton Keynes will not be familiar with the MK Centre.

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14-03-2010 > Say Hello To A New Server

No ImageApologies to our readers over the last couple of days for the downtime we experienced over the previous week. Unfortunately this was unavoidable.

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