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23-09-2010 > Sky Tree Neighbour Rises Unnoticed

Sky Tree Tower, TokyoMuch has been written about one of the world's tallest structures, the Tokyo Sky Tree, but what seems to have been lost in the shadow of that supertall is that there will be an accompany skyscraper to stand next to it.

09-01-2009 > Pelli Designs Japans Tallest Skyscraper

Abenobashi Terminal Building Tower, OsakaProposals have been put forward for a new super tall skyscraper for the Japanese city of Osaka that if built will be the tallest skyscraper in the country and only eclipsed by Tokyo Sky Tree observation tower.

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09-12-2008 > Tokyo Sky Tree Set To Bloom

Tokyo Sky TreeWork is underway on what will be the world's tallest communications tower in Tokyo, Japan.

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03-01-2008 > Worlds Tallest Lift Shaft Opens In Japan

SOLAE Testing Shaft, JapanThe world's tallest elevator testing shaft has opened in Inazawa City, Japan.

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16-05-2006 > Japan Set For Worlds Tallest

Sumida Tower TokyoThe Japanese are in danger of stealing the thunder from Dubai in the race for the world's new tallest free-standing structure with a 610 metre tall tower due to start construction imminently that has become a symbol of Japanese technological prowess and national pride.

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