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03-04-2008 > Montreal To Host Canadas Biggest Building Site

GriffinTown, MontrealThe wraps have come off what wijll be the largest construction site in Canada, GriffinTown Village and Towers in Montreal.

27-03-2008 > Megapolis By Name Megapolis By Nature

Megapolis, Panama CityConstruction is currently underway on a massive super tall project in Panama City that more than lives up to its name.

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25-03-2008 > Panamas Blades Of Glory

Tower Financial Center, Panama CityNamed the Tower Financial Centre, this new design standing in Panama City comes from the drawing boards of Spanish architects Pinzón Lozano & Associates and will stand at a rather respectable 203 metres on completion.

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14-03-2008 > Final NY Church Street Design Revealed

99 Church Street, New YorkA new skyscraper has been approved for New York with a design harking back to the glory days of the skyscraper building in the 30s.

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29-02-2008 > Former Prison To Become Luxury Condos

The Penfield, St Paul, MinneapolisA new residential tall building for the American city of St Paul, Minneapolis has been approved. The highly anticipated project is named The Penfield and will be developed by Alatus Partners.

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21-02-2008 > Lucien Lagrange Design Chicago Condo Towers

X/O Condos, ChicagoLucien Lagrange Architects has designed a couple of slick new condo towers to stand in Chicago.

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05-02-2008 > New 52 Floor Residental Proposed In Los Angeles

1027 Wilshire, Los AngelesProposals by the Amidi Group have been put forward for a new skyscraper that will possibly grace the skyline of Los Angeles in the not to distant future.

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23-01-2008 > Revolutionary Panama Skyscraper

Revolution Tower, Panama CityConstruction has started on what could be Panama City's most notable skyscraper.

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27-02-2008 > Solar Power Due To Shine In Arizona

Solana, ArizonaArizona in the USA could soon become home to the worlds largest solar plant with a venture straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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06-02-2008 > Mexican Hotel Promises Aquatic Holiday Fun

Maya Hotel, MexicoWhat happens when we run out of land to build on? Seems Swedish based firm Oceanic Creations (OC) have come up with the answer to that very question with their new proposal for a hotel near Cancun, Mexico.

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28-01-2008 > Old Las Vegas Had A Farm

Vertical FarmLas Vegas, stomping ground of the high roller, world capital of glitz and glamour, home to the American dream... and very soon farmers.

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07-01-2008 > Fall Out Boy

No ImageWhat was that hurtling past the window? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a 37 year old Ecuadorian window cleaner!

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