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MAD Architect Plans Mississauga Canada Tower

Winding towers might be all the rage but Canadian city of Mississauga, absorbed by the Toronto suburbs could soon be adding a new twist to the approach with a design called Absolute World.

As the sixth largest city in Canada, it has been largely bereft of landmark buildings thanks to the proximity to Toronto but the plans by a young Chinese architect practise could change all that.

Designed by the firm MAD Studio, 50 floor tower is intended as a change to this suburban blandness that has characterised Mississauga as a city that few Canadians could name, let alone foreigners, despite the large population.

Head honcho of MAD Studio, Yansong Ma says, "Suburbs around the world want to become metropolises, but we don't think they should. They have their own character. They should create their own identity."

This approach coupled with the sumptuous twists and curving femininity that turn it the full 360 degrees, their work won MAD the top place in an international design competition that over 70 other firms entered that was hosted by the developers, the Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes.

Amongst the advantages of the shape are not just the aesthetics but the fact that the curving design means that there is plenty of space for deeply recessed balconies on all the apartments without interrupting the floor to ceiling glazing and allowing the texture of the tower to be continuous. It also gives many residents the chance to look straight down on a vertical drop increasing the impression of height.

Although the tower is still under detailed design by the architects who are now fleshing out their earlier vision it has proven an enormous success and the developers have found themselves with such demand that they have in effect sold out.

This has led them to introduce a second tower called Absolute World 2, and rename the earlier tower Absolute World 1 making them sound like episodes of some Hollywood teen comedy movie. The second tower will be 54 floors and basically a twin of the first although .

The architect looks on this with a feng shung eye saying, "they talk to each other and harmonize with each other. There is a synergy between them, an aura which transcends each of the individual buildings."

The drawback is it does make the scheme lose some of its initial distinctiveness by having a twin although with over 7,000 inquiries from potential buyers it's the smart move to make for any developer out to make money. They might even succeed in putting Mississauga on the map but it would help if we could pronounce it too.
Absolute Tower Mississauga Canada
Absolute Tower Mississauga Canada