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Army To Dismantle Tower Block Post

Divis Tower, Northern Ireland's tallest residential building and the 5th tallest in Belfast is to see a historic change with the British Army removing the observation post and intelligence centre that has been located at the top of the 61 metre tall building since the 1970s.

The post was first set up in 1975 when the situation in Belfast was spiralling out of control and gradually expanded by the army to take in the top two floors under the roof as well thanks to the superb views the tower provides in overlooking Catholic West Belfast. The vacation of the 18th and 19th floors by the British Army will allow another ten flats to be opened up by the housing executive in Belfast.

The location of the fortifications had earned Divis Tower the dubious distinction of the only residential tower in the U.K to be used as an army post with the residents having to share the tower with a constant influx of soldiers, something that has made the location of the post particularly controversial due to the fact it is civilian property and that targeting by Republicans was impossible due to this proximity to civilians.

Work has already been carried out in recent years on the rest of the tower which was seriously outdated, and in danger of being demolished thanks to the poor condition of the building with it being completely refurbished inside.

Due to the amount of modifications the army has made to the structure making it habitable for civilian use is expected to take months but by the end of the year the British Army should no longer be visible on the Belfast skyline.

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