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Monterrey Set For Latin Americas Tallest

Torre Insignia is a new supertall skyscraper proposal for the Mexican city of Monterrey that if built will rise to a height of 330 metres, a height which if realised will make it the tallest tower in Latin America.

Developed by GIM and designed by HKS, the scheme is to be the anchor landmark for Del Valle City, a mixed use masterplan for the New Leon area.

The extreme height of the scheme is inspired by the famous mountains around Monterrey that dominate its backdrop. The design of the tower sees it taper to a narrow peak with a facade overrun, which will be topped with rotating observation levels and a 30 metre tall mast, something rarely seen in the days of sleek and aerodynamic supertalls. On the corners the cladding peels away revealing recessed sky terraces that grow larger as the tower shrinks.

Within it will contain a luxury hotel with 300 rooms, 180 apartments, 18,000 square metres of grade-A office space, plus cultural facilities and retail that will be integrated with the surrounding landscaped area.
Torre Insignia, Monterrey
Torre Insignia, Monterrey