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42 Storey Tower To Replace Octopus

For a moment it looked like it might go ahead, but now the approved Octopus in Chiswick looks like it'll be replaced by a 140 metre tall 42-storey mixed use tower.

The Chiswick Roundabout site has seen a number of tall buildings proposed over the years culminating recently in the Octopus. It's proven a challenging site for a developer to construct on though thanks to the island nature of it, and the small fact that 300,000 cars a day pass it.

Named the Gateway Tower, the project consists of 4,170 square metres of offices, a 140-bedroom hotel, and 410 new apartments. Given the nearby hostile environment some may find the inclusion of residential particularly surprising. The tower has however been designed with three wings rising from a podium that can allow the accommodation to be placed as far away from the nearby road as possible.

The residents of Chiswick are famously vocal in opposing new developments and insistent that their area is a suburb despite the existence of the famous cluster of office blocks along the Brentford Golden Mile not to mention the Green Dragon Estate, one of the largest high-rise council estates in London.

The scheme is being developed by Galliard who have had some success in tall buildings near Canary Wharf, but nothing quite this size. If built it will be comfortably the tallest tower in west London.
Gateway Tower, Chiswick
Gateway Tower, Chiswick