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Another 200m Plus Tower Planned For Docklands

Plans are afoot to construct a new 200 metre plus residential skyscraper on the site of 30 Marsh Wall near Canary Wharf.

Previously the site was united with the neighbouring 40 Marsh Wall but following the failure to develop it, it was split into two with different property companies working on it. These latest plans relate to the 30 Marsh Wall portion only.

The triangular shaped site sits on the southern side of Marsh Wall with Cuba Street bounding it to the south. It is roughly equilateral in shape with the hypotenuse running alongside Marsh Wall, an angle that the planned building reacts sharply to presenting a diagonal fašade.

Of particular note is the ground area. So tightly does the building tower over the boundaries of the site there would otherwise be little public space at the base. The architect has dealt with this with the use of Y beams that literally lift the south-eastern corner of the tower from the ground allowing pedestrians to walk under the five storey high space.

The uses of the building are clearly denoted by the cladding on the exterior. The five floors above ground level have highly reflective cladding that responds to their office use, whilst the levels are clearly residential thanks to the fact that each of the 550 or so apartments will have their own balcony space. The top two thirds of the tower will have private housing, with the affordable housing on the lower third between that and the office area.

Designed by 21st Architecture, the skyscraper is expected to be about 205 metres tall with the full planning application soon to be filed. Construction could start as soon as autumn 2014.
30 Marsh Wall, London
30 Marsh Wall, London