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Manor And Lend Lease Sign Huge Student Deal

In what could be a deal that sees a new spurt of student residential towers rise above British provincial cities, the Manor Property Group has signed a joint venture with developer Lend Lease to realise 40,000 new student bedrooms.

The sprawling scale of the plans will see some 70 buildings developed starting with Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull with the first phase being worth 240 million. Lend Lease will effectively provide the capital and this will unlock Manor's development pipeline.

The Birmingham scheme on New Town Row, Manor Point, incorporates a 21-storey tower with 534 student bedrooms and accommodation for 213 keyworkers in studio apartments. One of the Manchester developments that will be worked on is on Cambridge Street within walking distance of Manchester Metropolitan University. This features several buildings ranging from 14 to 24 storeys in height.

Subsequent phases will include, amongst others, a new tower in Bradford on Nelson Street of 19 storeys with 618 bedrooms.

The project is hugely transformational to the student market and will see Manor start to rival UNITE. It also unlocks numerous projects that have been stalled for years due to lack of cash and will give a shot in the arm to many contractors around the UK who have suffering a paucity of work.
Manor Point, Birmingham
Manor Point, Birmingham