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Tallest Tower Planned In Nairobi

Set to be Kenya's tallest skyscraper is the BritAm Tower, a newly planned 30-storey office building designed for a site on Nairobi's Upper Hill.

The scheme is being developed by the British American Insurance Company, one of Africa's largest financial firms, who will be taking all 30,000 square metres of office space in the structure.

The design is an unusual combination of squat or slender depending on which angle it's viewed from. Boasting a prismic shape, at its widest it looks like a black pyramid with the top corner missing, but from other views it's a more slender black prism. This is achieved by having a footprint with four corners and then a roof with only two. The corners are crossed diagonally on the building to the upper levels as it tapers.

Topping the building will be a collection of wind turbines hung off a central spire making it the first tall building in Africa to have wind power on its roof.

This part of Upper Hill was originally forested and has continued to be occupied by trees with colonial era detached houses until now. All of this will now changes as construction has begun, filling in another previous patch of greenery within the Nairobi conurbation as the African country undergoes the sort of urban changes seen in 19th century Europe.
BritAm Tower, Nairobi
BritAm Tower, Nairobi