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A Touch Of Pink In Manchester

ASK Developments is planning a new 12-floor building with 279 serviced apartments for a key site on First Street in Manchester that will be about 35 metres in height.

Situated on plot four of First Street near the Beetham Tower, although the development boasts serviced apartments these are intended primarily as student housing for the upper end of the higher education market that is benefiting increasingly from wealthy foreign students who have cash to burn.

The scale of the project has been developed as it is simply the easiest to construct - a taller building with accommodation for 480 beds would require lower floor to ceiling heights along with better fire engineering to avoid the need for wet risers, three lifts rather than two, and forgo the lightweight construction techniques that the proposals can presently utilise.

The project is effectively a rectangular slab block filling most of the plot. Adding a bit of interest to the design however is the light pink diagrid fašade that uses a mixture of transparent and opaque cladding.

ASK is developing the project for Vita Student, one of the first companies who high quality new-build student studio flats within dedicated blocks in addition to renting out rooms. With an aggressive record of expansion they are likely to add this to their portfolio of completed properties sooner than later.
Vita, Manchester
Vita, Manchester