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Farrells Design 560m Tall Megatall

Award-winning British architecture firm, Terry Farrell and Partners, has designed a new megatall skyscraper for the Chinese city of Jinan which lies 250 miles south of the capital, Beijing and boasts a population of over 4 million.

Planned for the Shandong central business district and with a height of 560 metres, the scheme dominates all that has been built in the area so far and is intended as the landmark proposal for an area that has adopted the "build and they will come" philosophy.

Other rival developments across China usually boast aerodynamic heavy styling, but here beyond the curvaceous podium it has giving it a strong massing rarely seen on a megatall effectively turning it into a massive glazed column. Although the structure may end up being less efficient the benefit is regular and commercially friendly floor-plates all the way up the building, even on the very tallest floors.

The project, named Evergrande, is being developed by Hengda as the leading part of a new international finance centre they are attempting to develop in the city. Jinan, like the rest of China, has seen rapid development of urban areas upwards. In 1999 the tallest building in the city was 185 metres.
Evergrande, Jinan
Evergrande, Jinan