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Worlds Largest Appendage Planned Off Incheon

Proposals have surfaced for an entire new city on the islands of Yongyu-Muui near the burgeoning Korean city of Incheon.

The plans, which could politely be described as ambitious, are for an entire new city called 8City that at its heart would be the world's largest building, the Megastrip. Reaching 200 metres high, 880 metres wide and 3,300 metres long, the glazed building looks similar to a male appendage.

The scheme includes massive land reclamation and the remodeling of the existing islands to create two circles on which buildings can be constructed, hence the use of the word eight in the project. The Megastrip will link these today.

Dozens of skyscrapers are featured in the proposals, along with a variety of different accommodation plus a new Formula One track, casinos and even a "healing town".

With some of the emphasis on attracting Chinese tourists, this treatment of Asian medicine is hardly surprising and should act as a big draw for health tourists.

The developer, EIGHTCITY Co, has already managed to attract a significant amount of funding approaching $4 billion in total with three quarters locally raised and the other quarter from British backers.

Despite the financing the present masterplan should be treated with skepticism. Although the project may get constructed, few such schemes are built without major changes making them commercially possible and bringing them from the realm of science fiction into architectural fact.
Eightcity, Korea
Eightcity, Korea