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Portside Breaks Ground

Groundwork has begun on what will be one of the tallest skyscrapers in Cape Town, and indeed the whole of southern African, which once complete will have a height of 148 metres above ground level.

Portside has been designed by Louis Karol for the developer Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investments to stand on a key gateway site at the V&A Waterfront.

Standing on five levels of basement parking, will be a further eight floors of car parking above ground, turning much of the lower bulk of the building into a glorified multi-storey car park. Above will be a five-floor hotel with a number of retail outlets, and 24 floors of office space.

The east-west massing of Portside is designed to be narrow, with the bulk orientated along a north-south axis. As a result the building presents itself in such a way to the sunlight as to minimise the shadow it casts over the nearby area, whilst the fact it stands on one of the widest streets in Cape Town further reduces any potential issues to do with overshadowing.

Originally due to be completed in 2011, the project has since been delayed, but with groundwork having now got underway, it is all set for a 2014 finish should things go to plan.
Portside, Cape Town
Portside, Cape Town