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Olympic Site Gateway Towers Surface

Leading architecture firms Fletcher Priest and Make have teamed up to design a twin tower project to sit on one of the gateway sites between the 2012 Olympic Park and Athletes Village.

The proposals will sit on a plot opposite buildings N01 and N07 that are currently being constructed to accommodate athletes for the 2012 Olympics showing perhaps how poorly incoherent the development of the London games and the surrounding area has been - much of the architecture set to stand literally next door will still be a building site during the time of the Olympics.

Even more ironically, the principle of the towers is to mark the edge of the Olympic campus, something visitors to the games are unlikely to benefit from, despite the original plans surfacing sometime in 2008 almost four years before the games were due to start.

Consisting largely of new housing units, 448 to be precise, these are to be largely contained within the two 32-storey buildings that will sit diagonally across the site with an L-shaped block connecting the two buildings together visually and helping it align with the neighbouring buildings more formally.

This section will accommodate 22 family friendly maisonettes in it of four bedrooms, a significant percentage of the total for the scheme. In addition, the project will sit above two basement levels that will host parking for 256 cars, 497 bicycles, and 54 motorbikes.

The design of the towers features a metallic look, projecting corner balconies, recessed horizontal and vertically arranged windows, and fašade overruns on the tops of the towers that will provide a seemingly random pattern that perhaps appear as a mess of wires.

The towers will rise to an approximate height of 115 metres AOD, which should translate into a rough height above ground level of 102.5 metres making them the joint second tallest buildings within Stratford City, and helping to insure that the SOM design for Plot N24 a little over 200 metres to the immediate east will not stand entirely lonely, at least one day.
Plot N06, Stratford City
Plot N06, Stratford City