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Empire State Building Neighbour Gets Approval

For decades the primacy of the Empire State Building, an international icon, on the skyline of Manhattan's Midtown has been respected and enforced through strict planning rules but all this has now changed with the approval of a new supertall tower just a few blocks from it.

The Pelli Clarke Pelli designed 15 Penn Plaza is a 365 metre tall 66 floor building that's being developed by Vornado Realty Trust whose plans will see their building a mere 10 metres shorter than the Empire State Building.

The City Planning Board has justified their deicision to give it planning approval on the basis that it will be 70 metres shorter, although figure is reached by comparing the tip of the Empire State Building's spire to the top of 15 Penn Plaza.

At the heart of the arguments of the project have been whether or not the Empire State Buidling should have a virtual monopoly on being the only tall building in the area or not with the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg supporting the development on the basis of competition.

Others however see the Empire State Building as one of the big reasons that people visit New York as well as the closest thing that Manhattan has to a world famous historical monument, something that's been glorified by King Kong and a thousand other Hollywood films.

Of course, it's hardly surprising that there would be such a poor regard of history in New York. This is after-all, the city that saw the Singer Building demolished and the City Investing Building, two of the earliest proper skyscrapers that were built along with Penn Station.

Whilst the forward looking approach to development in Manhattan is predictable what is less so is whether Vornado Realty will actually progress with the project, something they failed to do in Boston, although with so much time and effort invested here perhaps they will actually build something.
15 Penn Plaza, New York City
15 Penn Plaza, New York City