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Squire Redo Vauxhall Cross Island

Squire and Partners has released their latest redesign for a couple of towers in London's Vauxhall Cross Island.

Previously the firm had worked on twin towers for London & Regional on the same site with a similar design of 52 and 25 floors, however these failed to get planning permission thanks to wrangling over the affordable housing contained within the scheme.

This time around, the project has two buildings of 41 and 31 storeys with 30 metres lopped off the tallest tower. The lipstick look remains, although the taller tower has been reorientated to now run in opposite directions to each other rather than relate to the roads.

It is being developed by Kylun who purchased the site from London & Regional. Rather promisingly, the developer already has funding thanks to the links it has with FAL Oil of the United Arab Emirates.

Within the the project will be 291 residential units, basement parking, ground floor retail and a restaurant under a glass canopy giving them all weather use outside as well as in, a 180 bedroom hotel, and a skybar on the 14th floor of the taller tower.

The scope of the development also takes into account the island site on which it stands and the poor urban grain around it by proposing a number of improvements from a new entrance to Vauxhall Tube Station to new pavements and tree planting, plus a route through the site between the towers and pedestrian crossings to make what is presently a traffic clogged area more friendly to those on foot.

The project is currently undergoing local consultation to fine tune it before an official planning application gets filed for it with Lambeth Council.
Vauxhall Cross Island, London
Vauxhall Cross Island, London