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Royal Swedish Tower Rises

Work is getting underway on the latest under construction 100 metre plus tower in the Swedish city of Stockholm.

Continuing the tradition of developments outside the city centre, the Victoria Tower is located in Kista approximately 6 miles north of the central train station. Although it sounds like an angophile gave it its title, the project is actually named after the Swedish crown princess.

Designed by architecture firm Wingårdh, the scheme is notable for its triangular cladding consisting of two horizontal sets for each floor. Being a mixture of solid panels and transparent windows they work together to create a seemingly random façade pattern.

At the top of the tower cantilevers feature expanding the upper floors in size compared to those lower down, a trick developers like despite the increased cost as these command a commercial premium.

Within the 117 metre tall, 33 floor scheme will be a luxury hotel with 300 rooms, and also 5,000 square metres of office space and a number of ground floor restaurants and cafes.

In addition, the structure has been future proofed with it able to withstand much higher loading levels than it would otherwise need because the developer wishes to have the option of increasing the height in the future up to 174 metres. The project is being built by PEAB and at a current 117 metres is set for completion in 2011.
Victoria Tower, Stockholm
Victoria Tower, Stockholm