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Sarah Village To Restart

A new planning application has been approved in Manchester that if realised will see the final completion of Sarah Village, a half built tall building and adjacent shorter apartment block that have laid incomplete and exposed to the elements since 2008.

The design is, in essence, as it was before although there is are a number of changes which although individually small, combined add up to a far greater total than the sum of their parts.

As before the scheme has a 13 storey tower with 139 apartments in it and up to 887 square metres of commercial space at ground level, although this time round the main changes that have been made are to the elevations with clear and opaque glass panels that do it few favours in making it more attractive than before. The aim is to ape the old art-deco Daily Express building with the bands of horizontal cladding and existing curved corners but many fear the end result will simply look cheap. This however is an improvement on the current bare structural frame of the tower, complete with a missing roof, that stands on the site.

The scheme was originally being built by BS Construction who left a collection of unbuilt or unsafe projects around Manchester after their financial collapse with a number of local firms badly affected by the non-payment of bills - something that was complicated by the fact that the owner, Bashir Issa was no longer in the country.

St Vincent Investments has now bought the project and aims to take it to completion with the help of Hattrell DS One Architects.
Sarah Village, Manchester
Sarah Village, Manchester