Abu Dhabis Twin Glass Eggs

Ever since the Gherkin and Torre Aghbar emerged together on the world's architectural stage, eggs have become rather "in".

Yet another of the designs from around the world that has made this trend become apparent is the twin towered headquarters for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council in Abu Dhabi.

The 25 storey design comes from Aedas who won an architectural competition in 2007 with their plans based around some ornate touches that are present in Islamic architecture.

What they have done is taken the Mashrabiya, a type of geometric latticework around a window that is both decorative and provides a large amount of shading, and added a modern twist that sees it reinvented with glass and then wrapped around the majority of the towers sides like protective screens.

Beneath the projecting outer fašade, approximately quarter of each tower has its secondary level glazing revealed adding a vertical emphasis to that elevation.

With 75,000 square metres of space in the buildings, they will be linked via a shared podium that will have palm trees and water on its roof creating a modern oasis. Adding further greenery to the scheme will be three skygardens in each of the towers.

Currently under construction in Abu Dhabi, the project is due to be completed in 2012.
Abu Dhabi Investment Council
Abu Dhabi Investment Council