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Montpellier Files City One Outline Application

An outline planning application has finally been submitted to build a complex of ten new buildings topped by a 25 floor tall tower in Leeds called City One.

Developed by Jan Fletcher’s Montpellier Estates, the project has long been a thirty year dream of the businesswoman. It features buildings ranging from nine storeys upwards with a combination of offices and residential space - adding up to some 296 apartments and a total floor-space of approximately 200,000 square metres.

If approved and constructed it would see what is effectively a new mixed-use urban quarter built between Sweet Street, Meadow Road, Jack Lane, Trent Street and Bowling Green Terrace.

Unfortunately for the prospects of development, the outline application contains little design with only the very basic massing, scale, and landscaping and has few serious details. This sort of approach saves perhaps half a million pounds on the cost of a full application for a development of this size.

One reason for this could be that given the site is prime land in the centre of Leeds, any planning approval for such a cluster of buildings, even in outline, would lead to a substantial increase in the value of the site as well as allow it to be broken up into meaningful parts and sold off a piece at a time.

The alternative is either they are looking for a development partner or that Montpellier Estates is deadly serious about the scheme and will build it one block at a time making it more manageable for them, and a very long-term project.

Either way, it seems unlikely that City One will see any meaningful construction any time soon.