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Pelli Clarke Pelli Add To Tianjin Supertalls

Leading architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli is working on one of the tallest supertall buildings planned for China, the Xiaobailou Union Plaza in downtown Tianjin.

The development features as its main attraction, a 488 metres supertall skyscraper with approximately 108 floors above ground. Adjacent, and arranged in a circular manner around a shared raised public plaza are a series of shorter glass clad towers including a triangular skyscraper with curving sides.

The main tower of the project is smooth skinned and fully glazed, lacking the external balconies of the shortest of the buildings and exhibits a complex shape that a pointy spire aside, looks like the tip of a spear.

The shape is kept simple throughout, and there isn't a single hint of ornamentation or architectural embellishment with Pelli Clarke Pelli clearly having decided to avoid hinting obviously at the locality of the scheme.

In reality the shape of the is supposed to represent confluence, and the position that Tianjin has had over the past 150 years in being one of the gateways in China between the country and wider the western world.

Starting with a hexagonal floor plate at its base, the tower then torques with a total of 12 arcs that meet at three points along the way as they rise towards to the roof.

With these providing a series of intersecting vertical lines that run up its full height and crisscross along the way, the shape of the building tapers inwards nearer the top further adding to the feeling of soar that it has.
Xiaobailou Union Plaza, Tianjin
Xiaobailou Union Plaza, Tianjin